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It's common for Vim users to convince others to use the editor. I caught myself reaching out to friends to save them from mediocre editors. Having reflected on this pattern, I think I understand why.

My History With Vim

On a whim, I picked Vim up about 6 months ago. That's not long in Vim's history or the time it takes to master it. My skills were decent after a couple of months. With a few more months of practice, I'm still learning new things.

The Intermediate Trap

People typically slow down on the path to mastery after hitting "proficient" skill. Vim is something you get better at with use, but you still need to go out of your way to learn new tricks.

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Searching for "favorite vim features" leads to "aha" moments as you discover what other people are doing with it. If you were the type who promoted Vim before, you definitely will now.

The Conclusion

Vim users promote the editor after reaching intermediate skill. Each breakthrough renews this urge. There's no known cure.

So when someone recommends an editor, ask why, and what they recently learned.